Life is Brimming with Possibilities


My excitement and passion for Frankie Jo’s just keeps growing!!!  Life truly is brimming with possibilities!  On a whim, before I decided to expand Frankie Jo’s, I applied to be considered to become a vendor at the Vintage Farmhouse Market.  I never heard back and just assumed that I didn’t get chosen to be a vendor.  I had kind of forgotten about it after a while.  The week that I officially became a LLC, I received information that I had been chosen to be a vendor!  I was SOOO excited but wait…what all would I put in my booth?  I know had all the paint and supplies covered and had started the process to produce the coffee mugs, but I wanted more.  I had all these ideas of different products, but I am slowly learning everything takes time.  This is something that is a struggle with me.  If you know me, you know if there is something I want, I wanted it like yesterday.  It’s hard for me to wait.  🙂  ANYWAY…while I am waiting, I have thought of so many different ideas.  Each product that I will carry will have a special meaning or connection to me.  In my last post when I revealed the sneak peek, I explained what the meanings were in my first two products which will be in my hands this Friday!!!  I’m so excited to see the finished product up close!!  Who would’ve thought I would be THIS excited over coffee mugs…and I don’t even drink coffee!  HA!!!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had met with a friend to discuss the possibilities of growing Frankie Jo’s and the next thing I know we are designing mugs!  And I couldn’t be more happy and excited about it!  If you are a fan of hot beverages, check these out!!!

Follow Your Arrow Mug is now available to order on our etsy shop!  (Click the link at the top or bottom of this page.)



The Shanny Mug will be available soon in our Etsy shop!!



Next week I will be meeting with printers to give the final ok on my next items!  I’m soooo excited to share them with you, but not quite yet.  I’m putting the finishing touches on them still!  The only hint I will give, is both of these items are SO me!  😉  Sorry…that’s all I can give right now!!  Check back soon to see new products!!!





70 years ago today….

February 16, 1946 was the day that Frank and Joan SECRETLY got married!!!  This was one of my fav stories that my grandmother told me.  Even though I would tell her, if my mom or myself would have done that, she would have killed us and I remember that ornery smile she would give me back because she knew I was right!

So here’s the story…It began on January 1, 1946.  Joan and her sister Betty got fake IDs and drove to Danville, IL to a little club for New Year’s Eve.  Already there , with some of his friends was Frank, he had only been discharged from the Navy 3 days!  He was planning on moving to Alaska to work on the pipeline…but fate would have other plans.  When Frank saw Joan for the first time, it was love at first sight!  He told his friends, that was the woman he was going to marry.  Frank and Joan began dating and 6 WEEKS later they were married and only a very few close family members knew this.  However, neither of their parents knew as Joan was a senior in high school!  They lived separately until Joan graduated.  Joan graduated valedictorian of her class.  It was during her senior speech at graduation, with Frank sitting next to her mother, that she announced that she was Mrs. Joan Miller.  I can only imagine the look her mother gave him!!  The rest was history.

This story of my grandparents is one of my favs!  It’s totally crazy yet so romantic!  Since today would have been their 70th wedding anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to show what I’ve been working on with a dear friend!  So finally here is the official sneak peek of the first 2 items from Frankie Jo’s.  The sayings on each are special in 2 completely different ways!  12745587_10153416488240754_2331803843578609924_n

Follow your Arrow…these words have stuck with me lately!!  I feel that it is time to do something a little different…hence expanding Frankie Jo’s.  I feel this is something my grandparents (and parents) instilled in me from the time I was a little girl.  I was in every kind of lesson you could think of, just trying to follow my arrow and find my way.  I always had their support and knew if I would fall they would be there to catch me.

Now….for my Shanny mug.  A little over a year and a half ago I lost a dear friend in a horrible tragedy.  Shannon had a way about her that made everyone she came into contact with feel so special.  I had so many inside jokes with Shannon that to this day, I catch myself wanting to text her about something crazy so we could get a laugh out of it.  Most people who knew her, knew the quote, “Not to be mean….” and that her throaty laugh she had would follow.  She actually didn’t come up with this quote, it was her older son, and that would make us laugh even more when she would tell that story.  It was a catch phrase that stuck and then later would be #ntbm on all of our texts.  When I find myself saying it now, I give a little smile to Shannon, as she knows what I’m talking about.

So last week I met with her sister, Colleen, who is helping SO much in expanding this little biz.  As we were talking about what phrases I could do, she was like you have to do this.  With her approval I agreed and LOVE it!  Thanks for ALL you help Colleen!!  I really couldn’t be doing this without you!!

Both of these products will be for sale soon!!!  I’m learning so much about the production side of things, so hopefully within a week these will be in production!  I was SOOOO excited to show what I’ve been up to, that I wanted to share a little sneak peek as to what’s to come!

Coming soon the official details and how you can order these fun mugs.  🙂

-xoxo Frankie Jo’s